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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

With a heavy focus in academics, our goal is to ensure that your children get the best education possible.


To make this happen, we have:

  • A highly qualified faculty and trained child-care experts who have a fine understanding of a child's impressionable mental make-up

  • Activity based teaching designed to encourage the child to explore, to discover, to relate to others, to solve problems and to communicate with confidence

  • Computer based teaching with the help of projectors and regular field trips to nearby places

  • An individual file of each child's daily activities

  • Regular science exhibitions to show students the real-world applications of their learning

  • Exposure through workshops, seminars and demonstrations

  • 1:20 teacher-student ratio

  • Well equipped labs for computers, physics, chemistry, biology and a seperate science lab for junior school

  • Seperate rooms for activity classes

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